How we work

Independent financial advice with the human touch

We’re not tied to one provider: we recommend financial products from across the market, using a combination of our own knowledge, serious research and specialist software to find the best deals for you. It’s important to us that clients always know what’s going on and feel in control which is why we follow a tried-and-tested process.

Step 1

Free consultation

First, we need to review your financial situation and assess your needs. We just need an hour of your time, and that’s it – no charge, no obligation to sign up. It’s about finding out what we can do to help and giving you a chance to get to know us so you can confirm we’re the right advisers for you.

Step 2

Analysis and advice

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, we’ll explore your goals before putting together our advice. It might be about short-term quick wins or a plan for the whole of your life to come. We’ll tell you what’s missing, where you should focus first and make sure anything we propose is affordable for you.


Transparency and honesty

Over the years, we’ve spoken to lots of clients who’ve told us what had previously held them back from getting financial advice was a fear of being pounced on with unexpected charges. That’s not how we work. We talk openly and clearly about pricing, commission and payment. You’ll never get a bill from us you weren’t expecting, or that’s loaded with hidden charges.

Fixed fees for advice

We keep things simple: the initial hour-long consultation is free, then there’s a one-off fixed fee of £500 for your financial review and recommendations. If you decide to go ahead and act on our advice, we will charge you a fee for the advice and setting up your plans. In this case, we will waive the £500 fixed fee.

Adviser charging

When it comes to taking up the pension, investment or life assurance products we’ve found for you, we’ll agree with you upfront whether you pay us a straight fee or through adviser charging, and whether we’ll take commission from the provider.

Take control of your family’s financial future