Wealth preservation

Protect and enhance your future.

We appreciate how hard you have worked and will always look to protect your assets, so you can have the future you deserve.  With thoughtful planning, we will strive to make you better off through sensible investments, tax planning and the careful management of your legacy.

We can help with: 

  • Making the most of allowances and tax-saving opportunities, managing your assets.
  • Making the most of current benefits including pensions and other benefits such as medical cover.

Help to minimise your inheritance tax liability, through strategies such as the use of gifts and trusts.

“Every meeting with Robin has always been informative, with a very good written report to back up all the information passed to me. The results I am now having from their advice are very pleasing and I can see a good future with the Oakhouse team to grow our small fund to allow me to retire.

Mick, Grantham

Let’s grow together.